Size Guide

Our listed dimensions represent the total length and width edge to edge and end to end, taking into account the overhang and the additional material required to fold over and under the belly of the board for a proper fit.

Our Standard covers measure 144 x 52cm. Our Platinum covers are longer and extra wide and measure 148 x 58cm

All Sass covers feature a drawstring that can be pulled in tight with a toggle, plus a unique hook and loop fastening system to ensure they fit most ironing boards like a glove.

ironing board cover drawstring

For a perfect fit be sure to measure your ironing board

When measuring the width, only measure the top of the board . Do not wrap your measuring tape around the sides of the board.

Don’t forget to measure the board at it’s widest point, which should be near the middle of the board.

When measuring length, only measure the board from nose to tail using a measuring tape.

Make sure not to include any accessories on the end of the board, like an iron rest.

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